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Olaf Cooper
Olaf Cooper

Hey, guess what? I finally started my own startup! You won't believe how it all came together. So, I was scrolling through social media one day, feeling stuck and unsure about where to start. Then, out of the blue, an old college buddy messaged me, asking if I ever thought about forming an LLC for my business idea. I was surprised he even remembered my entrepreneurial dreams! Anyway, he mentioned called ZenBusiness, and how their zenbusiness reviews were top-notch for guiding newbies through the LLC process. Intrigued, I checked it out, and boy, was it a game-changer! The platform had this user-friendly step-by-step guide and loads of resources. It made opening an LLC in Washington way less intimidating. Thanks to ZenBusiness, I'm now on my way to making my startup dreams a reality. Cheers to random college buddies and life-changing discoveries!


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